"Kirsta is a responsive problem solver who approaches every challenge with the perfect mix of experience, creativity and detailed organization. From analyzing and processing data, to event planning, strategy building, and tackling tricky conversations—Kirsta in not afraid to take on any organization's diverse needs and understands that every project is different and solutions don’t come in a one-size-fits-all box. I would highly recommend her work to any organization who is in need of an experienced professional who both knows the Northwest Ohio community and is not afraid to tackle tough problems and get positive results.”


Kate Fineske, Senior Director of Institutional Advancement

National Museum of the Great Lakes

"Kirsta is incredibly on top of things, and keeps my whole life together! Without her as my assistant, I would be frantic looking for someone LIKE HER. She triple checks all details, is prompt on her responses and even checks in with me when things slow down. She is a go-getter that handles every obstacle thrown at her, and is not afraid of a new in-depth task. I wish I had her for all aspects of life, and not just my business!"

Katie Lynn Reynolds

Travel Agent | Travelmation